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New COs Appointed for USS Tornado & USS Sentinel; alert for Tuiq Station

May 28, 2018

Fellow Commanders and crew of TF93,

Please join me in welcoming the new Commanding Officers for the USS Tornado and USS Sentinel.

The USS Tornado is re-launching out of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards under the command of LCDR K’Taal. She has big shoes to fill as CDR Aki Shagdac led the Tornado on a daring rescue of POWs held by the Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK). The USS Tornado will be going back into the Klingon Theater.

The USS Sentinel is launching under the command of LCDR Jim McCullen and is currently taking on crew before deploying.

Additionally, this is a general alert that a starbase operating in the pirate triangle, known as Tuiq Station under the Deloria Cartel, is growing into a potential threat. The Deloria Cartel is a known cartel of the Orion Syndicate and the station is believed to be managed by Meera Deloria, a former Starfleet Marine Corps Officer that was dishonorably discharged. Starfleet vessels are cautioned when interacting with Tuiq Station and members of the Deloria Cartel. Any information should be routed to Starfleet Intelligence via CDR Demochev (TF93/N2).

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to up-channel them.


Yewande Banda, RADM, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 93

Congratulations to Greg/K’Taal on command of the Tornado. Those familiar with Greg may know him as the XO of USS Kumari.

Also congratulations to Brainfishes/McCullen on command of the Sentinel. Brainfishes was the Chief Engineer of the USS Sentinel with his other character, LTJG Highwater, before stepping up to command.

Finally, congratulations to Glein/Deloria on launching a new type of sim in Bravo Fleet, showcasing an Orion Cartel. Tuiq Station is the continued story of 1st Lt Meera Deloria from the USS Tornado after she was dishonorably discharged.