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New Bravo Fleet Defender, Extended Applications for Appeals Panel

February 4, 2022

Bravo Fleet Defender

It is my absolute joy to announce that Tom, AKA OneTrekMind, has been appointed the new Bravo Fleet Defender! Tom is a longtime member of our Graphics Team and has been a great asset there. His credentials and experience are impeccable, and I am very excited to work with him in the Magistrate Office. I would also like to thank everyone who applied for their desire to help the fleet!

Appeals Panel

We are extending the application deadline for Appeals Panel until Thursday, February 10.

Positions on the Appeals Panel are open to anyone who has been a member of Bravo Fleet for a year or more who is not a member of Bravo Fleet Command. Members of the Appeals Panel should have strong understanding of the Magistrate Code and the rights of members, because it falls to them to determine if the Magistrate Code was properly followed during a case. The application is located here.