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New Academy Module – Character Creation Program

October 27, 2021

I’m pleased to (finally)  announce that I’ve opened a new academy module for self-enrollment: the Character Creation Program!

This is the first module we’ve added since the New Member Program, which has been a success in explaining to new members the basics of being part of Bravo Fleet, especially focusing on the Bravo Fleet Management System and the structure of our organization. The NMP is now a required component of advancing from Cadet to Ensign as well.

The Character Creation Program consists of information about the canon policy, some resources for doing background research, and then walks users through one way of creating a new character and their bio. This is an extensive process that I’d imagine would take most people a few hours to go through, but it’s a process that you could use all of, some of, or hardly any at all of depending on the importance of the character your creation. In this formulation, you start with a timeline to develop a service record, and then work backward from that to create a history, establish a personality, and think about visuals. As a bonus, it has some tips on using the BFMS biography system itself.

As with anything, I don’t consider this 100% complete, and it will face ongoing revisions as more of you go through it and offer feedback, but it’s in a strong enough state now that I’m ready to throw the CCP to the wolves–i.e. you all. 🙂 To enroll, simply visit and select the Character Creation Program. You do not need to be a cadet to do so.

Another academy note: registration now requires users to include their BFMS ID, and returning users will be required to add this information to proceed. This is to help me keep track of who’s completed what and to make sure that only authenticated users have access to the Academy. If you’re not sure what your ID number is, it’s right next to your character name when you’re logged in on the main site–i.e. this site you’re reading this announcement on right now.