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Monthly Reports Update

July 13, 2017

On behalf of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, I want to thank all of our Simm COs for their diligence in getting their monthly reports in on time. I know for many of you this seems like a nuisance, but they really are quite effective for our TFCOs and our leadership in many ways. Not only have we been able to identify problems and work towards solutions with individual sims, we’ve been able to recognize sims and players for their efforts, whether that recognition comes through awards or writeups on the Infobase to be eternally etched into Fleet Canon.

Today, the BFA would like to announce a very minor bylaw change concerning the Monthly Reports (Bylaw This bylaw previously read:

Simm COs shall file a monthly report to their TFCO, in the form prescribed by their TFCO, no later than the 4th of each month.

The bylaw has been changed to the following:

Simm COs shall file a monthly report to their TFCO, via the Bravo Fleet Management System, no later than the 5th of each month.

This is merely a bit of housekeeping, mandated per our Constitution which requires all changes to the Constitution and Bylaws to be announced to our membership. Still, our COs can benefit from having an extra day to submit their reports, and can now enjoy a standardized method of delivery.

Again, to the COs in the fleet, we thank you for your diligence in getting these reports in on time. We look forward to seeing what all our sims do this month!