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Members Rights Announcement

November 7, 2017

Happy November everyone.

As 2017 comes to a close, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty is hard at work on several initiatives. We hope to have news on many exciting ventures in the days to come.

For twenty years, Bravo Fleet has set a standard for simming in the online roleplaying community. We’ve made mistakes, and we have learned from them. One of the most important things that we have learned as a Fleet is that we are nothing without our membership. It is because of our excellent player base that our Fleet has grown to proportions not seen in years, and we could not be more grateful.

Bravo Fleet draws its strength from its diverse player base, and we value every member of our community. To this end, the Admiralty has approved a couple changes to our Constitution to: (1) better protect our players from harassment; and (2) ensure that they’re properly informed about subject matter they will interact with on a simm.

Constitution, Article III, Section 1.9

All Bravo Fleet players are entitled to an environment where they are not harassed or discriminated against due to any personal characteristics, including, but not limited to, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, skin color, biological gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, veteran status and marital status. Simming, as a form of expression, should not be restricted based on any of these characteristics.

By-Law #2.7 – Bravo Fleet Simulation Rating Guidelines

All simulations must display the simulation rating on the home and/or main page of their website. Furthermore, all simulations must contain the rating’s details (or a link to the details) within their simulation rules.

All of Bravo Fleet’s Member Simulations will have until Friday, December 10, 2017, to comply with this change. For your convenience, we have added Bravo Fleet-themed Rating Icons available on our Fleet Graphics page:


These are free-to-use for all member simulations. Should any Simm Commanding Officers have any questions, please refer them to your respective TFCO.

The BFA wants to thank each and every one of you. Without you, there would be no Bravo Fleet. Stay tuned in the next few days for more exciting announcements!