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Magistrate Office Report – 01/17/2021

January 17, 2021

Happy New Year from the Office of the Bravo Fleet Magistrate!


Typically no news is good news, from the Magistrate’s desk. Today’s announcement however is a bit of good news both from a personal perspective, and for the continuity of the “sausage making” of the organization.


As I said in my recent announcement asking for applications for Bravo Fleet Defender, it is a mostly thankless and behind the scenes job that requires very little of a person unless something bad happens. There were many great applicants with great qualifications. Despite that, dizzyg has done an exemplary job in the role over the last year, engaging when necessary and stepping back when appropriate. It is therefore my privilege to announce that for her service to the Fleet, she has been awarded the Silver Palm, as well as promoted to the rank of Commander.


Given the above, I have also renewed dizzyg’s term as Bravo Fleet Defender for another year. Please join me in congratulating her and hoping that her 2nd term as Defender is as calm and quiet as the first.


Live Long and Prosper,