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Magistrate Office – Appeals Panel Appointees

November 24, 2020

Hello Bravo Fleet!


Our current Appeals Committee term expires on 11/26, which inconveniently is a holiday here in the States. So, it became clear that we needed to put the new Committee in place before this occurs, so there is no lapse.


It is therefore my privilege to announce that the following 3 members will take over as the new Appeals Committee, effective 11/26/20:



Tia is our former Loremaster, and has previously served as the Bravo Fleet Judge Advocate General in other iterations of the position. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the position.


In addition to having a very fun to say screen name, Woozamagoo is a teacher currently as well as a law graduate, and is therefore familiar with concepts of fairness and justice.


Arden has a great deal of legal expertise in their IRL life, and has served as an investigator in another group similar to ours.


I am confident that these three will be excellent additions to the Magisterial team, and it is my sincere hope that their 6 month term will pass without incident.


Live Long and Prosper,