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Intel Office Christmas – Squadron System!

December 16, 2022

Season’s Greetings to the Fleet!

I know you’re recovering from the outstanding activity of the sumptuously successful recent campaign Blood Dilithium, brought to us by the good folks of Task Force 17. I know some of you will have one eye on the festive season, so this seems like an odd time for policy updates, right? But rest assured. I come to you in the spirit of giving.

Despite appearances, I don’t like saying ‘no’ to things. It sometimes feels like I do it a lot as Intelligence Officer – don’t write this, don’t say that. It makes me a right Grinch, huh? But it does come from a place of love – because if all bets are off, then everything we do together is meaningless. If anyone can write anything, then there’s no community. There’s no wider story. There’s nothing greater for us to be a part of. But I do hear you all if I say ‘no.’ Sometimes it means there’s a misunderstanding of what we do. Sometimes it means that you want something that I can’t give you.

‘Can I write a second ship?’

‘Can I write a task group?’

‘Can my captain be friends with the commander of another ship and they hang out sometimes?

‘Can my ship rescue another ship on a mission?’

Bravo Fleet, today is the day I say: yes. It is my great pleasure to introduce you to our brand-new ‘Squadron System’: your path to claiming and maybe writing about your own squadron of multiple starships! You can find the details in our Command Policy (yes, policy has been split into two, to make it easier to sift through but that’s not the point), but let me summarise:

  • Nothing significant changes for Lieutenant Commanders or Commanders;
  • From the rank of Captain, you now have new choices open to you.
  • You can pick up your new, bigger ship like before – but you don’t have to.
  • You can now pick up multiple commands for your dossier!
  • How many and what ships you can choose is dependent on your rank – the higher the rank, the more options.
  • In short: choose between a single, huge, powerful starship – or a whole squadron of smaller ones!

The ins and outs are in the policy linked above, but that’s the gist of it! Starbases have also been moved to the Squadrons system for simplicity. There have also been some adjustments to the levels of some ships which affect both the regular Primary Command system, and the Squadron system.

So, go forth! The Intelligence Office stands by to process your requests – or, if you’re anything like me, it’s time to be utterly paralysed by the choices at your fingertips. Feel free to hit us up on Discord if you have any questions, but otherwise:

Ho ho ho.

Happy Flying.