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Infobase Now Accepting Submissions!

August 20, 2017

Bravo Fleet is among the world’s most premier collaborative environments. For the last twenty years, we have entertained thousands of players and just as many simulations as we have continued to explore the Star Trek Universe that we all love so deeply. Many of our players and simms have created a variety of new scenarios, species, planets, spatial phenomena and even expanded on the existing cultures that we have come to love.

In a collaborative world such as ours, we have a great desire to share what’s been written. Alas, websites come and go, which means that information can be easily lost to the sands of time, and in many cases it will be gone forever.

That’s where the Infobase comes in. The Bravo Fleet Infobase is our central historical archive and encyclopedia, picking up where the Prime Star Trek Universe left off in 2009. But how do you get what you wrote into this archive?

The Bravo Fleet Infobase is written from a third-person, encyclopedic standpoint. All information must be simply digested and distilled for the average reader. At this time, here is a list of what we are currently accepting:

  • New Information
    • Planets, Systems & Landmarks
    • Species & Lifeforms
    • Organizations & Powers
    • Major Battles & Conflicts
    • Event Summaries
  • Expanded Information
    • Updates to Major Powers after the events in Official Star Trek Canon
    • Updates to any Species shown after the events in Official Star Trek Canon
    • Information we might be missing from closed Task Forces that have been lost to the sands of time.

If you have content to add, then do one of three things…

  1. Use this handy submission formWhile the form itself is basic, a member of the Infobase Team will contact you within 24-48 hours to get all of the proper information and get an article written.
  2. Join the Infobase Team! When you’re on the team, you’ll not only be able to add your content, but work with a full team of people who wish to expand the available Canon.
  3. Or contact the Logistics Officer (me) via PM here on the Forums or on Discord.

We look forward to seeing your writing immortalized on the Infobase!