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Happy Pride Month!

June 3, 2022

As with the last several Junes, you may have noticed that our logos on the website and on Discord have taken on some rainbow flair! On behalf of Vince, myself, and the rest of Bravo Fleet Command, I want to wish you a very happy Pride Month! Diversity is something that we have worked hard to cultivate and protect here, which is fitting for an organization that is devoted to the exploration of all things Star Trek, a franchise that has always been political and has always been about moving towards a more welcoming, more progressive future.

A Little Background on Pride

If you aren’t familiar with Pride (sometimes also called Gay Pride or Queer Pride), it goes back to the Stonewall Uprisings that started on June 28th, 1969. In that era, being queer was criminalized and gay bars were often shut down violently by the police. This rebellion was started by black, trans drag queens and represented the first major spark of resistance against anti-queer discrimination. Throughout the 90s, Pride Parades evolved from demands for change into celebrations of difference, often occurring during the month of June.

At Pride’s heart, though, it is a resistance against oppression. If you’re interested in learning more, consider reading more here.

A Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why isn’t there “Straight Pride?” 
A: Straight, cisgender people have never been oppressed for being straight or for being cisgender.

A Little About the Flag

The Rainbow Flag dates back to 1978 and you can read about its history here. The Equality version of the flag was created within the last ten years to add specific stripes for anti-racism (the black and brown stripes) and trans equality (the pink, white, and cyan stripes). Most recently, the flag has been modified to include a canton for intersex equality, the gold triangle with purple circle. All three versions of this flag continue to be used.


Happy Birthday to our Loremaster, LadyBlue!