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Gaming Updates – September/October 2021

October 10, 2021

Welcome to a post-Tkon Fleet Action world. It was a good play, and the fact that there was gaming participation was great. I got a chance to read a few stories, and they were quite impressive, too!

There is a few changes in the Gaming department. First and foremost, the Star Trek Online Temporal Agent event is done, and the winners already received their medals. Sorry for not doing a formal announcement a little closer to the time, but the OCS feed on Discord got to it before I could:

Please remember when doing submissions they have some criteria. There was at least one person that submitted Temporal Agent screenshots that did not qualify solely because they forgot to submit their screenshot to the Competition, which was part of the criteria. Whoops!

Next up in the calendar is this Halloween event that STO is doing, which appears to be based off the events in the classic TOS episode “Catspaw”. There will not be anything through Bravo Fleet on this one, as something for this particular holiday may be drowned out by the Operation Homestead content, but the Winter Event is around the corner and running something for that would be in our best interests over the Halloween content. If nothing else, you can hunt down either myself or our illustrious BF Operations Officer and throw snowballs at him.

On a more long term planning basis, let me share some plans we have upcoming. We have multiple times tried to get together with players in Bravo Fleet to do Gaming Nights in Star Trek Online or a quick pick-up gaming game like Among Us, and we have had some smattering of attendance but not a large amount. It will be hard but we hope to have that come in again – both the current Gaming Office people have odd hours compared to the rest of the membership – and this may require us recruiting another member for the Gaming Office staff that does have a better availability that aligns with more of the member base and can dedicate themselves to running in-game events. If this interests you, shoot me a message through Discord. Another plan is to expand World of Warships to include Strategic Action Ribbons, as we have a few active players there. Yes, I see you contributing oil to our Naval Yard, it is appreciated.

In Star Trek Online, our Federation fleet currently is finishing off the last project on our Embassy, so we are fully maxed out with the Embassy and Dilithium Mine. Thank you to all those that contributed to the projects. Currently we are sitting at a Level 66 fleet. Our KDF Fleet is also improving, having gotten to the fleet Level 27 after the completion of part of the Fleet Embassy to make Tier 2 Embassy available. We are very close to having Tier 3 Science and Tier 3 Engineering done on the KDF starbase; if you want to contribute to those we need some Fleet Marks and duty officers to make this a reality.

This closes out the related items I have. There are some gaming competitions as part of Homestead, and we hope you will take advantage of these – hey, might be an easy way to pick up a medal in the competitions.

Game on.