Gaming Updates – May 2021

June 5, 2021


There are many changes and successes within gaming over this past month, and while I am normally not this late with this update, I would like to take a moment to talk about something rather serious. This month is Pride Month, and it should not be taken lightly that we as gamers have a reputation of being some loudmouth braggarts about people whom are on opposing teams. Not now, not ever, is bigotry or racism tolerated from Bravo Fleet members in games. There was not an instance of this, so you know, but it is more of a reminder to be better than our past or even our past selves, in all things.

On to happier things. Let’s highlight a few successes over the past month:

  • The KDF base is now at Level 25 and has a fully equipped fleet tailor
  • The Federation base is now at Level 61, with the Spire Research Tier 3 cooling down now which gives us access to some of the best tactical consoles in game
  • The two STO Game Nights we ran in May were major wins, with four man teams taking to the TFOs and Patrols

We are going to continue the Game Nights. Our Deputy Gaming Officer, DarthCrusader, is going to lead another gaming night in STO on June 19th with a focus on the Klingons. The KDF base has some major projects that need Fleet Marks, and this would be a great way to get some exercise on those characters. Sharpen your bat’leths, folks, because June 19th is going to be fun. Be ready at 7 PM Eastern/4 PM Pacific.

We will also be able to throw together a very “sus” night near the end of the month. Yes, Among Us, the mobile and PC game that has quite a cross-platform following, will be available as a game to play on the 26th. We will release a few more details on the week of, and we are also always looking for other games we might be able to run a night of.

In other news, you may have also heard rumors of an overhaul of parts of the Gaming Policy. We do have something on the way for this for Star Trek Online, but it is a big job and we want to get it out as one piece. Google Docs has the original at about 700 words, and so far we have at least 2000 words, covering everything from defining the ranks to set names for the fleet assets to an overhaul of the way ribbons are calculated. Part of the overhaul you already see, which is us not running as many competitions as we used to because we are looking into ways of incorporating events in as a way to earn ribbon bonuses on a permanent basis, to encourage playing of the bonuses – trust me, with the stuff I have collected over seven years of playing, it is well worth it. We will still have competitions, trust me, just not as often. I have a nice little scavenger hunt set up for the Summer Event, maybe we will throw in a writing competition about a character’s first time on a Risian hoverboard for something different.

I have gotten too wordy during this news item, so I will sign off for now. Since I seem to have run out of ways to sign off, I will use the extremely gaming cliché: GAME ON!