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Gaming Updates – June 2021

June 28, 2021

Hello, and as they say in STO now, a blessed Lohlunat to you!

Pride Month 2021 was a busy month for the Gaming Office. If you had not noticed yet, the Star Trek Online section of the Gaming Policy was updated. Apologies for the length of the document, but it was necessary; there was a complete revamp of the ranks, how the activity in game can help you with your advancement, and all sorts of other goodies we have available. Speaking of, the STO Federation fleet just got the Science Tier 4 project filled and we will be at fleet Level 63 in 8 days! The KDF base has a Dilithium Mine on the verge of cooldown for Tier 2, so if you could throw some fleet mark love the dilithium mine’s way we would appreciate it.

There’s still a day or two left in the Gaming Survey, and if you are wanting to see some additional changes within our gaming area, you may show it there. Among finding out how the gaming department is doing, there are a few that ask about console STO support and if you want to show some support we can get some solid numbers behind the asks and figure out if we can form a fleet. At the minimum, we need five players on the same console, so get those surveys in, even if you have expressed interest in a fleet before.

Now, you probably are already aware that the annual Lohlunat Festival, or as they call it outside of STO the 2021 Summer Event, is almost upon us. There’s something special about this, as this was where I started getting heavily involved with Bravo Fleet’s Gaming Office last year when I first ran a competition. This year, I am proud to report that there is not just one, but four separate competitions running concurrently, from the start of the event until the end. There is a little something for everyone, and I promise that there is going to be a Gaming Night dedicated to those Risian nights… and there will be dancing.

Speaking of, I am sorry that the Gaming Night for Among Us did not happen. Currently in my area there is a very high heat wave – temperature spiked to 42°C/107°F in Western Canada today – and chasing a toddler in that kind of heat is exhausting. This brings me to a point to mention: the Gaming Office could use a staff expansion to help out with game nights, or a liaison within our Armadas. If you think you can help and hanging around with smelly gamers does not bother you, shoot me a message over on Discord including your STO @name and what you think you bring to the position you would be applying for.

May your floater not accidentally deactivate while performing a great feat of aerial acrobatics.