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Gaming Updates – July 2021

August 7, 2021

Welcome to the (late) July report from the Gaming Team. It’s long, and there’s some ground to cover, so without further ado…

Another Risian summer has come and gone. It was a nice relaxing time, and hey, some goodies in the form of a T6 starship and some excellent kit modules were a nice perk too, right? Alas, it’s time to get to work, and by work I mean awarding things.

Participation was a little higher overall than last, but this was spread over four different competitions which in hindsight was the wrong move but hey, that is how we learn, right? This just means the Winter one is going to have only one or two competitions instead. You are going to see some serious medal action heading to one person because they are the only one that participated in all four events – and did a good job at it too, so it is well deserved.

For the Participation competition, there was only one member that submitted valid screenshots. The nature of the summer event and how daily progress is shown meant that this was a little harder than was intended upon reflection, which means this one is not going to be repeated in 2022, but that’s all right. That just means that Bri.Whyte‘s first place finish is all the more special, eh? Congratulations to an impressive collection of screenshots.

The Beachcombers competition also only had one entry, which I should first give you the answers to:

  1. Unlike most maps in the game that features one of these loud gambling devices, this map has two! Find the not working one. – This was the obvious one, there is a defunct Dabo table in Sovak’s camp, in the tent closest to the transporter.
  2. At certain times of the day, you will be able to find a party on one of the beaches. Join them. – If you do Pavyl’s quest, this one’s an easy one: the bonfire party on the beach behind the Promenade.
  3. One of the bartenders really enjoys their job. – On the Promenade, the bartender closest to the sandcastle beach is always dancing. Someone give her a subspace party nullifier, please.
  4. Though not the closest point from which to view the big prize of festival participation, it is the tallest. – The dormant volcano that features prominently on the island’s tallest peak was the goal here, preferably viewing the Risian Cruiser.
  5. Strange noises come from the grotto at times, spooking tourists. Are you brave enough to discover what crawls in the dark? – Those strange noises come from little critters from inside the cave, monkeys and lizards. Not as scary now, right?
  6. Hirogen hunters have never been spotted on Risa, but you never know what some have scavenged up… – If you look closely at Sovak’s collection of items, one of them happens to be a Hirogen helmet, painted red and white.
  7. Brave the bridges, and see if you can join in on the conversation inside. – Inside the hut in the middle of the bridges is a nice little conversation in between Risians and tourists.

I pretty much gave away that Bri.Whyte won this one too, right? Congratulations.

The Floaters event was fun. I tried it a few times, and getting a good screenshot of the characters floating there with a bird was very challenging. Move or anything with the floater and it defaults to moving your camera around, so then you have to reset the view. Of the entries, the one from VenxCore was just that much better:

And finally, the one that is always a pleasure is the Waveriders competition, which was a pure writing entry. The entries were either serious or comedic, which both have their merits, but in this case it was this entry from Harrington that clinched the top prize:

The last thing he remembered was the vendor yelling, “Blessed lohlunat,” as the board sped off into the water. Neil wanted to scream, at first, but it didn’t take long for him to realize this wasn’t much different than surfing. He smiled and before he knew it he was moving further and further out into the water. The board kept going and going, that was until it suddenly stopped. Neil shifted his weight attempting to turn the board back on, almost slipping off in the process. He let out a small sigh as he caught himself just in time. “That was close,” he laughed looking around hoping no one could see him. “That wasn’t so…” His scream could be heard for quite some distance, as Neil slipped off the board landing in the water. He caught the board with his left hand pulling himself up as he coughed, attempting to rid the water out of his mouth. He muttered for some time trying to pull himself back up onto the board. But it was no use, his wet clothing was restricting his movement. “Go on the waverider,” he hissed, “It will be fun,” he mocked. He was glad his comm channel was down for the moment Finally, he reached over and tapped the communicator, only to get nothing. In a moment of frustration, he slammed his first into the board causing him to lose his grip and slip back into the water. Without warning the board took off, “Oh you have to be kidding me,” he yelled. Sometime later, Neil stood in the vendor’s shop. Dripping in water, and soaked from head to toe. He looked at the vendor, “thanks,” he coughed as more water was expelled from his lungs. “You can keep my deposit.”

Congratulations to all the participants, and (for the final time) a blessed Lohlunat to all!

All right, now back to our regularly scheduled announcements. I hear there’s this great Fleet Action that Bravo Fleet is doing, and helping out with that in Star Trek Online just involves turning in some screenshots for ribbons. Crazy, huh? Hope everyone places well in it.

And that is it. Wow. What a ride. See you next month!