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Gaming Updates for December

December 13, 2020

Howdy-doo, Bravo Fleeterinos!

The Gaming Office is normally a little quiet on the main announcements; the role-playing aspect of Bravo Fleet is sometimes quite labor intensive, and as someone who used to do that quite a bit I respect the time and effort. And with all that, who really wants to read some update by an old gamer whom sticks to his lane mostly?

Well, it may surprise you to know that our membership in games is expanding. Recently the Star Trek Online Federation fleet reached Level 49! That is quite an accomplishment, as dilithium is a commodity in game that takes months to acquire in any single capacity for donations. Thankfully, part of this levelling has a significant discount on required dilithium, in the form of a completed Dilithium Mine. With K-13 Tier 2 and Research Lab Tier 2 on the horizon, we are well on the way to upgrades that will significantly help builds for any Federation characters.

That’s not to say the Klingon side is slacking! House of yo loS’, the Klingon fleet, has reached Level 20 and is looking to expand its ranks as well. If you have not experienced the Klingon storyline, you’re missing out on some great voiceover work by Michael Dorn, a very honorable storyline and flying the iconic Bird of Prey. Klingon fleets are always slower builds, but with more people it will become easier, so if you have a character you’d like to place in that fleet, let us know in the #sto-invites channel on Discord.

We also have some competitions that you may want to enter. Running concurrently with the Winter Wonderland is the Winter Invasion STF, which completing this will get you some neat prizes in game, and submitting a completion through the Gaming Submissions form in the BFMS will net you double ribbons for the duration. Coming up with  the task forces is integration of their own competitions with content from Star Trek Online – the first week of January there may be a chance to save Romulans from some aggressive Tholians, for example. And every once in a while, when everything’s quiet, there’ll be a Blitz weekend where completing certain events can net something great. Maybe I’ll end up giving away some weapons and kit modules I have lying around too. Who knows?

I realize that this is only on PC, and for a “gaming office” we seem like we are restricting ourselves to one game on one platform. Well, here’s the interesting bit, thank you for reading on to this point: we are looking to expand the purview of the Gaming Office. This would include eventually branching out into the console realm with Star Trek Online on PlayStation – though caution is warranted, they haven’t quite announced if PS5 support will be coming for the game yet, so this might be put on hold until that happens. It has also been floated to put support into a World of Warships PC clan, which we do have up and running at this time but nothing incredibly formal for it yet. And for the mobile enthusiast, we have a fleet in Star Trek Timelines as well. Visit our Discord channel #gaming to get invites to the latter two.

And at any time, if you want to submit a Combat Action Ribbon for playing together with a BF member on a non-Star Trek Online game, this is allowed. There is a hashtag going around the gaming community during 2020 that is #PlayApartTogether, and if we can encourage you to do just that, we would like that. Just make sure your screen names are visible in whatever screenshot you take, and if you are submitting more than one at a time you can use an external gallery image service (Imgur, Google Drive, Photobucket or whatnot) to show the completion.

All right, I’m done. May your gaming endeavors be as epic as they can. “First to the key, first to the egg!”