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Gaming Updates – April 2021

April 30, 2021

Hello everybody! Time for a monthly gaming update.

You know, the Gaming Office is the only non-Task Force leader to do monthly reports like this. The reason why is not because the other departments are slacking; no one can ever accuse the Chief of Staff’s office of not doing anything, Ops is constantly working, and the Comms office has to deal with the “greater community” which in my opinion does not pay enough for Capierno to handle. The Gaming Office is a different beast than the rest of the fleet. Some might see what we do here as a distraction, or a nuisance; if you do you can say that and hold that belief, we don’t mind. However, the Gaming Office exists to be that extra outlet, when you just want to unwind and instead of writing out a complex surgery you can blow up some Romulans whom want to enslave poor miners. This report is a reminder that this exists, and to showcase what we are doing to help members unwind further.

Having said that, we want to start hosting some game nights, to give everyone a chance to take advantage to unwind. On the 8th of May, we would like to host a little get together in Star Trek Online for the first of what I hope is more game days. This game day would require us to meet up at a rallying point – Discord for voice comms, the Federation Fleet Dranuur Colony for in-game purposes. Most of this would be a getting to know you type vibe, with the goal of getting enough players for five person teams. From there, we have the choice of queueing up for some Task Force Operations, moving to one of the battle zones, or even starting a Colony Invasion Simulation. The Deputy Gaming Officer, DarthCrusader, has volunteered to be in and we would like to start gathering around 6 PM Eastern North America time (GMT-4) – I will not be available until after 9 PM Eastern due to work commitments. All I ask is that you do not start an invasion simulation without me, mostly because I really want to try that mode out. It’s hard being a West Coast NA person with gaming friends on the East Coast. We might even live stream some of the game play into Discord for interested parties if some cannot attend.

For the fleets in STO, the good news is that they are booming! The KDF Fleet is now at Level 25 with the completion of Tier 2 Mine Development, while the Fed Fleet is now at Level 61. The Fed Fleet I would expect to slow down, as we have no active upgrade projects to work on or slot currently, though the Spire Tier 3 Research and the Starbase Tier 4 Science are close to being ready for their projects to be filled. We have had an influx of new characters, as some of our players are creating new ones to take advantage of the Delta Recruitment event. Please do take advantage, and Bravo Fleet is here for you if you want to build those characters up.

We have competitions up, and some pending too! The next event in STO will be featuring the revamped Azure Nebula Rescue and The Vault Ensnared starting on May 4th, and we want to run something concurrent for that. We also have the Delta Recruit competition ongoing, so if you have not submitted your characters and your gaming submissions, do so at your earliest convenience.

All right, I am about to fall over, so I bid you all adieu. Until next time, gamers.