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Gaming Policy Changes

September 1, 2023

Greetings, Bravo Fleet!

Man, what a wild ride this year has been. The Lost Fleet especially was fun; with all that Dominion hardware everywhere, you’d think there was poems about people boldly riding being told everywhere or something. But with it, it did expose a couple of weaknesses with the Gaming Policy, and some things were to change. So, without further ado, effective immediately with this announcement, the Security Office is proud to present the revamped Bravo Fleet Gaming Policy!

A summary of the major changes are as follows:

  • The Gaming Policy has been split into two documents: the Gaming Policy and the Supported Games document. This is so that we do not have to completely rewrite the policy when adding in a game to support, which there are plans for by the end of the year.
  • While the Strategic Action Ribbon has been the bread and butter award, it was never intended to be the best award to obtain for gaming; to borrow a phrase, Bravo Fleet was never meant to be a single player game. Therefore, we have sunset support for the award. Moving forward, for solo play the only award available will be the Campaign Ribbon, to celebrate major achievements in both solo and multiplayer gaming.
  • We are introducing a new ribbon, the Joint Action Ribbon, and slightly realigning the Combat Action Ribbon to help support the new ribbon. There were also changes to the formula for the awards to align with the new goals of the ribbons. To obtain these awards:
    • Joint Action Ribbons are obtained by playing together with one or more Bravo Fleet members against computer-generated environments exclusively.
    • Combat Action Ribbons are obtained by playing together with one or more Bravo Fleet members against human opponents, either together or against each other.
  • We are also introducing an alignment of the Bravo Fleet in-game Star Trek Online fleets to align better with the ranks you are in Bravo Fleet’s organization. If you’re a cadet, you will be a Cadet in-game. If you are a Flag Officer, you are a flag officer. To this end, the #sto-invites channel in Discord is being renamed to #sto-fleetmanagement. The channel is still the place to ask for a fleet invite, but it is also now the place to request a rank up as this job has to be done manually and there are some times where names fall between the cracks. For the first week, though, I am going to be auditing the PC fleets to start, so no need to report until September 7th.

As always, the Security Office can be reached for questions and comments. Problems; talk to Lieutenant Kinis.