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Gaming Office Updates – January 2021

January 22, 2021

Greetings and salutations, Bravo Fleet! How are you all doing today?

Now, hopefully this won’t be buried under a bunch of other updates from other heads of departments like last month – seriously, you all could have let the pixels settle into place for mine before coming in and dropping three additional announcements on top of mine! – but it’s just some quick updates about everything.

Star Trek Online is about to start a Klingon recruitment effort, adding Discovery Klingons to the selectable options. This will include a new ship exclusive to the Discovery Klingons and the ability to use Federation ships as KDF and KDF ships as the Federation. This recruitment event is also so that people are encouraged to play the revamped Klingon storyline, including the Fek’lhri arc. Bravo Fleet would be remiss to not encourage participation if you are so inclined, so we are. We even have a competition launching in parallel, one where we’re going to focus on the least used aspect of the game: the character biography. Uploading a character to the BFMS is one of the main staples of the role-playing side of this group, but the gaming side doesn’t have that. As a lot of us are writers, let’s fix that, shall we? It lends itself to an extra level of immersion.

Speaking of new people, we actually have someone new helping out with gaming: DarthCrusader is taking on some STO management duties, and he is going to be running his first competition: a STO Weekend Blitz! Starting 1/29, we’re adding a bonus multiplier to the Borg Disconnected TFO, so if you play with fellow BF members you can earn double the ribbons normally.

As for the fleets, we have some good news: the Federation fleet is at Level 54 now and is cooling down another project to get to Level 55. One of the projects completed is Tier 3 Colony Renewable Energy, which gives us access to the very excellent deflector arrays there, so if you haven’t claimed them yet you might want to. We also are happy to report that the KDF fleet has advanced to Level 21, with completion of a K-13 project.

I know I promised some action on the World of Warships side of things, but there was a few other things happening and I hit a small wall with the interface. If anyone sees me in that game, can you ping the fleet chat so I can work some questions out I have with the matchmaking and teaming up out? Thank you.

This about sums it up for gaming for January. And remember: nItebQobqaDjup ‘e’ chaw’be’ SuvwI’.