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Gaming Office Updates – February 2021

February 21, 2021

It’s been a busy month with the Gaming Office. Funny thing that it’s the shortest month, and the most has been done. Who would figure?

I think the biggest announcement is going to be some personnel changes within the Gaming Department. First off, DarthCrusader has been offered and accepted the role of Deputy Gaming Officer, so we actually have a good organizational chart for the Gaming Department around here! He’s been doing some great work with Star Trek Online, and freed some time up for myself to do some other things, which will be the subject of later on in this same announcement. Congratulations, you have certainly earned it!

And now to the other staff person. Minnow Raydor has also offered to assist in the department, and he will be heading Diplomacy for gaming. What’s this, you ask? There are a lot of gamers out there, in Star Trek Online and elsewhere, and a lot of them are organized into fleets, guilds, clans, or any other myriad of names out there. The Gaming Diplomat will be charged with reaching out and establishing friendly relations with these other gamers, in order to build relations. For an example, in the Star Trek Online sense, this would be to establish relations with other fleets with the goal of getting the Bravo Fleet KDF unit into a larger armada. In this case, I would like to thank Minnow for the job he is about to do, because to be blunt diplomacy is one of the things I personally am least proficient in. He’ll also be helping out with slotting STO projects when needed, so that will be handy to have available.

On the Star Trek Online front, despite the Federation fleet getting not a lot of love comparatively due to the KDF recruitment event, we were able to complete some projects that were near completion anyway, jumping the fleet to Level 57. This came with getting the Colony World upgrades up to Tier 3. There is a significance in this; the Colony World at Tier 3 can provide several services that are very high powered at this level, including providing some of the best ship deflector arrays in the game (so far) and new bridge officer training manuals to take advantage of protomatter technology. It is a great resource to have… and we are just getting the Tier 3 Colony World overall done right now, as in while I’m writing this I am buying up the duty officers needed to fill the project, so expect this number to rise as well by March’s update.

The Klingon fleet, meanwhile, has upgraded itself to Level 21. As was mentioned in a previous announcement, the KDF side has always taken a lot longer to do than the Federation side, mostly because the Federation fleets always have more people and usually more activity, but to mitigate this has been the Klingon Recruitment event. One of the things that the KDF side needs more than anything is the in-game resource dilithium, and with the attention paid to the KDF characters we can happily say at least one long-standing project has benefited from this in completion – the Fleet Spire Tier 1 project!

The Competitions are winding down! I see a few entries for each, and as a reminder everything closes on the 25th, so plenty of time to either get in a bio or submit completion records. We have another in the pipeline for the next event in STO, which happens to be the annual Voth Assault event, so just playing along in the game can get you benefits with us as well.

Now, on to new business. I have mentioned World of Warships before during announcements, and now I get to again.

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We have it up and running as a group! I actually added it to the policy page a few days ago, but no one mentioned anything. Actually kinda surprised on that one. But hey! The Gaming Office officially supports a second game! For those of you unaware, World of Warships is an online game based on naval combat with blue water surface ships from the first half of the 20th century. The objective? Destroy opposing forces’ ships! Now you can be Horatio Hornblower as well as Horatio Hornblower IN SPACE. We’re gonna start a competition with World of Warships soon* and if you’d like to give it a try, there’s people that can pass you recruitment codes on the BF Discord, all you have to do is ask. I promise we won’t bite.

* “Soon” being defined as relative to the heat-death of the Universe, so I don’t look like a liar.

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