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Gaming Office Update – April 2022

April 26, 2022

Hello, all you carbon-based life forms of Bravo Fleet.

Before getting too much into this update, I would like to quote the BFCO:

We’ve had increased gaming activity across the fleet for a total of 753 Strategic Action Ribbons1190 Combat Action Ribbons (up 672.7% over last year, and no that isn’t a typo!), and 40 Campaign Ribbons, showing that we’re gaming together more often than not and more than ever

Considering how much activity that we in the Gaming Office have tried to bring into Bravo Fleet, I can say that it is a tremendous success, and we as an office owe a lot of that to DarthCrusader, who now is no longer the Deputy Gaming Officer and is now finding his way in TF86. Really happy that he has gotten a good running start at a new direction for himself. Darth organized quite a few of the Gaming Nights that made that success happen, and pushing collaborative gaming over solo play has paid dividends of 672.7%. That success is his success too, and just because he is not part of the Gaming Office does not mean he deserves any less of the credit. Of course, he deserves all the sass for getting the red task force, but I digress.

For those of you keeping count, a very large majority of those ribbons have come with Star Trek Online. The PC Federation fleet is active, more active than any other group I have ever been a part of, and all that have come to any gaming night or joined me when myself or any others randomly pop on to Discord is key to the success we have had in this group. The Klingon fleet, I would like to see a little bit more active but KDF players have always been a more niche field within the game and we understand that. The XBox Fed fleet has been gaining ground, but I have yet to put together a Playstation fleet, much to my chagrin. It will happen one day, we will figure it out.

World of Warships was an ambitious try to get into another genre of play, but with reviewing some of those ribbons submitted over the last year there has not been a lot. Folks, if you play, take a screenshot and submit for a few ribbons, you deserve some recognition. We would like to keep World of Warships in Bravo Fleet, but in the interests of streamlining the Gaming Policy it might be worth it to remove the game from official support if no one seems to be utilizing that resource.

Now, as the Gaming Office officially has myself on PC and Keravu on XBox (who is doing a superb job with the Xbox fleet, by the way), that does leave a few extra holes in our roster of staff, which would help free up some time to work on policy decisions and whatnot. If anyone has any interest in learning more about STO fleet management, online event organization and Star Trek games that are more than twenty years old (respect the classics man!), please send me a message on Discord. Oh, and being a gamer yourself would definitely come in handy.

Congratulations for making it to the end of this announcement! As a token of appreciation, I’m going to do a little draw for you making it this far. We have got some equipment kicking around in the STO Fleet Bank, and we would be willing to part with a Universal Kit Module – Gravimetric Traps Mk XII. Gravimetric traps float around to nearby targets, holding enemies in midair while causing physical damage, and they have been a part of several of my own character’s ground builds for years. To enter, comment the word “pudding” and your preferred character you would like the kit module on in the #star-trek-online channel in Discord, and I will randomly draw a name from the people entering. You have 24 hours from when this post is published to enter. Good luck!