From the Desk of the BFCO, September 2019

September 15, 2019

Hello all! I wanted to announce some big updates we’ve had recently!

Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer

With the Bravo Fleet Logistics Officer position being vacant for about a week now, the BFA really wanted to evaluate what our priorities are for BFA positions. In our discussions, we knew we wanted the BFA positions we have going forward to represent long-term, sustainable jobs that make sense. One of the problems we had was that Loremaster and Logistics (as it was) were in the same sandbox. Logistics Officer was the response for the in-character technology and ship/station specifications of the fleet – or in short, the in-character canon and lore of Bravo Fleet – which is what the Loremaster also covers. Because of that conflict, the BFA voted to “eliminate” the Logistics Officer position as a BFA spot and tuck it in under the Loremaster’s canon wings where it rightfully belongs.

Look for future announcements from our local Loremaster on what will be happening with specs and the specs team. Suffice it to say, things will move forward as always!

Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff

However, there had been some discussion for quite a while now (in fact, going back to the founding of the current Bravo Fleet Charter) of separating the “roster duties” given to the BFXO in the new Charter into a new position. With the Hall of Honor revamp, competitions kicking off, and a whole slew of forseen, long-term roster duties in the future, we decided that it was finally time. As a result, the position of Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff was [re-]created. This will also thankfully pull off a lot of pressure from Emily, and allow her to work on more project-based work and her BFXO duties.

Once we knew we wanted to add the position back in, it came time to fill the role. A few names were tossed around the BFA, but one person was a fairly agreed upon strong candidate. I’d like to congratulate Noel, current CO of the CDS Damar in TF72, who will be playing Vice Admiral Nithumen Browsden.

Noel has been helping out the Comms office with its huge recruitment campaigns on Facebook, Discord, and Reddit. On top of that, he’s also been working as the Command Adjutant in the Loremaster’s office as a huge help there. Noel is uniquely suited for the position of Chief of Staff as well because he is intimiately familiar with the infrastructure of the systems in place and how they’re supposed to work as he helped develop them! Congratulations!

All of these votes have been confirmed by the COs of the fleet. Speaking of…

CO Voting!

We recently went to a new system to do BFA voting using a poll bot in Discord which has been a huge success for the BFA. With these past 3 votes above, we also decided to try it out with the COs voting. Moving forward, this is the medium we will use to handle the voting. Discord appears to be The Future, and we must adapt as an organization to the realities around us. Luckily, we’ve also been keeping data on all the votes and it appears that the CO response rate on Discord has been about on par with what it was when we were e-mailing out Google Forms to fill out. If you’re a CO and want to participate in voting, get in contact with a member of the BFA so you can get proper permissions to view the voting area!

If you’re curious about what the stats have been so far for voting, you can view a cool spreadsheet here!