Fleet Operations Report November 2020

November 10, 2020

Games (“Sims”) now in Fleet Operations

As was announced a few days ago, we have moved to a new way of displaying and administering games (a.k.a “sims”) on the main website. The short version is that games are now directly under the Operations Office rather than the Task Forces, both streamlining the number of folks who need to be asked when administrative questions come up but also allowing each game to develop its own niche and episode plan irrespective of the task forces. Before, if you wanted to do a game in a specific area of space, it would also need to be housed in a task group that matched that area of space, which meant that games were moving around administratively in order to make in-character moves. That’s no longer necessary.

The short version of these changes:

  • All games are now housed in Fleet Operations, whether they are set in our 2399 canon or not, which makes it extremely easy to browse through all of our offerings at once. They’re listed within six task groups: 2399 starships, 2399 starbases, open games, historical games, alternate reality games, and non-Star Trek games.
  • All game managers will now work directly with the Operations Office; MJ (whose new title is SO: Historical and Non-Canon Games) will continue to work with the games formerly listed on the Holodeck. We’re your one-stop-shop for questions about running your game or any issues.
  • All games are now free to use the entire width and breadth of our lore, allowing them to move across the galaxy between arcs or even between missions, depending on what stories they want to tell. This should greatly increase the longevity of games by removing the need for them to be constrained geographically.

Staff Opening

Given the expanded mandate of Operations, I am now recruiting for staffers at the Staff Assistant level who would be interested in learning from Shelley in Starbase Bravo. This role would be a great way to get involved and learn about the back end of the reporting system so that you can help guide new members on their journey in the fleet. If you’re interested, contact me on Discord.

Premade Games Available

We’re continuing to recruit folks interested in running pre-made games. These games come pre-built with a general premise, website, and some mission ideas, allowing you to jump right into the action without needing to worry about re-inventing the wheel by setting up a Nova. So far, the CygnusAvenger, and Spartan have all launched and are either active fully or in the process of recruiting.

Currently, we’re hoping to staff the USS Hippocrates (an Olympic-class medical ship) and the USS Sagan (a Nova-class science vessel). If you’re interested in any of these ships, feel free to reach out on Discord. We will also be releasing other vessels in the next few months, as we work to keep our class offerings balanced across the fleet.