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Fiction Vignettes Contest

July 9, 2020

I’m pleased to announce a new competition that I’m hoping to run monthly in the fleet: fiction vignettes. We’ll give you an image and you’ll give us in 300 words or less a story related to it/about it/inspired by it! This is meant to be practice for your fiction writing skills and is a fun way of showcasing artists in our larger community. People from any and every task force can participate and it’s a really small time commitment, so consider giving it a shot!

This month, we will be inspired by an amazing render done by JetFreak-7. The assignment is to create a small piece of fiction inspired by this image. It doesn’t have to be a description of the image, per se, but could be the events that led up to it, the thoughts of someone related to it, or anything else, as long as it ties back to the image!

To enter and for the full rules, visit the competitions page or go here.

And remember, anyone can propose a competition to the CoS office simply by using the contest form in the dashboard!