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Echoes of the Tkon: Week 7 Fiction Update

September 11, 2021

This is it, the penultimate week and the start of the final phase! We’ve had some exciting times here as we approach The End.

I feel it is also worth highlighting: these updates only cover Stories that are part of the Fleet Action and that were posted within the set dates. Even if I’m posting this on the 11th, the summaries will only include stories posted up to the 10th! So don’t worry, anything more will be got to – in due course.

Week 7 (4th – 10th September)

Starbase 86

Commander Daarggal arrives and is settled into her new quarters. Once aboard, she reunites with old colleagues, and notifies them of their mission to investigate local outlaw activity.


USS Odyssey

Odyssey’s staff consider the challenges of their upcoming journey, and consider the best means of navigating the phenomenon before them. With bypassing it impossible without adding weeks to their journey, even extreme measures such as putting all or most of the crew in stasis as the emergency holograms pilot the ship are considered. Meanwhile, Captain McCallister receives his new orders, and is forced to keep secrets from his new XO, just as he was forced to keep secrets from his previous…


USS Atlantis

Minor malfunctions begin to plague the ship, ranging from insignificant power fluctuations to the near-disaster of the replicator botching Captain Theodoras’s morning coffee. With no immediate explanation apparent, Captain Thodoras orders Atlantis to halt and run a diagnostic – just as power systems die.


USS Centaur

Still in orbit of the world Oro, the crew of the Centaur are dispatched to the surface to find a Tkon beacon believed hidden in an ancient pyramid. The away teams disguise themselves to match the industrial-level development of the natives, though struggle to adapt to the world’s complex identification systems and travel restrictions. Approaching members of an expedition headed to the pyramid, the team successfully manipulates their way into joining them, hoping to use this as a chance to get inside.


USS Vesta

Investigating Tkon ruins, the away team’s moment of admiring the planet’s natural beauty is interrupted with the latest message from Command, ordering them to seek out the Tkon beacon believed nearby. The away team finds the cave entrance, and bypass the Tkon forcefield shielding it. Inside, they locate further Tkon systems and, after some investigation, uncover a beacon. Captain Adams engages the facility’s Portal in discussion, and it grants them unfettered access to the site, where they face the next challenge: replacing systems and repairing the beacon.


USS Challenger

As he awaits his next command, Captain Forrester is ordered to put together a team to find a Tkon beacon on the world Grian IV, home to pre-warp civilisations. They learn of the beacon’s central position in the religion of one society, but have no choice but to infiltrate. Despite the suspension of the Prime Directive, Forrester orders his team to use all possible discretion and, disguised, they enter the city. The team chafes when ordered to not intervene at the execution of an impoverished man, but proceeds to the temple. Once there, they make a plan to infiltrate at nightfall.


USS Endeavour

Escorted by allies from the Romulan Republic, Endeavour heads to the Velorum Nebula, nestled on the border between the Republic and the Romulan Star Empire, in search of a Tkon beacon on the world of Ephrath II. With a key location protected by an energy field, an away team is forced to land an ATV a distance away and proceed across the surface, where they disable the Tkon defences and find underground ruins. Investigation shows signs of ancient technology, including that which can control the environment of Ephrath itself, but no beacon. Meanwhile, a warbird from the Romulan Star Empire appears in orbit, commanded by the same officer who interrogated Captain Rourke in Tagrador Prison Camp. Commander Lotharn challenges Starfleet to justify their presence so close to the border and, dissatisfied with his explanation, sends his own away team to the surface.


USS Devastator

Investigating the subspace radiation afflicting inhabitants of Meronia IV, Captain Scotto interrogates a Romulan prisoner to discern his culpability. Concluding that the scientists responsible are renegades and not agents of any one faction, he reports his findings to Starfleet Intelligence, and learns of the damage done to Meronia.


USS Atlantia

The away team investigates the wreckage which they suspect to be ancient Tkon technology, and stumble upon a device that matches the description of the important beacons. Their work is interrupted by the curious locals, however, when an accident forces Atlantia to order a medical emergency beam-out for one of them, and Chief Engineer Commander Harrison. Aboard Atlantia, medical staff race to save both lives, while the teenaged locals run for help, and raise the alarm…


Roosevelt Station

Heading for Cestus III, Commander Starling-Enigma reflects on dark memories of her time on the orbital research station as a child, and the attack that killed her mother.

Upon arrival, the team pursues scans leading them underneath Lukan City. After communicating with city leaders, they investigate recently-uncovered ruins and finally find the keyhole for the ancient Tkon key, which reveals a hidden chamber of Tkon technology. Study suggests it is not a beacon, but an archival system of extensive records on stars relocated by the Tkon, a valuable prize in its own right. Reflecting on this mixed success, Starling-Enigma ultimately chooses to focus on the good – and on how to move forward in putting the shadows of her past to bed.


USS Nova

Their runabout team returning to Starbase 72, Commander Vex reflects on the recent mission and expresses his commitment to seeing the investigations of Koruku III through to the end. But with this operation complete, Vex and Harrington discuss all they have been through, and part on good terms.