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Echoes of the Tkon: Week 3 Fiction Update

August 17, 2021

Apologies for the delay on the summary of the final week of Phase 1 writing! But I didn’t want to overshadow the excitement of Phase 2 starting. So sit back, see the last steps of Omega, and buckle up for the next storyline…

Week 3 (7th – 13th August)

USS Arcturus

A distress call from the Thalrutanians leaves Captain Lancaster concerned that the endangered world may draw attention from opportunistic local enemies, such as the Kazon. But when contact with the planet leads to news of an industrial accident that has killed millions, Lancaster’s mission profile shifts as he anticipates Omega to be the cause. Arriving at the Thalrutian system, Lancaster negotiates further cooperation with the government to access and destroy the Omega, detected deep under the surface. The mission is endangered by the arrival of Kazon ships, who ignore the Arcturus’s warning to withdraw from their raid. Forced to battle, Lancaster’s aggressive orders see one Kazon ship destroyed almost immediately before the other flees.

After studying the concentration of Omega from orbit, Lancaster suspects the outbreak may have been made easier by the historic presence of an advanced alien influence on the planet. He finally launches the Hokule’a and his away team, the Hazard Teams ordered to escort Lancaster himself through the underground caverns to reach the Omega despite objections. Exploration of these caverns leads to art and ruins of a civilised presence alien to Thalrutania, at the heart of which is a statue to which the Omega particles are seemingly drawn – or caused by. The particles are beamed back to the Hokule’a, but before neutralising them can begin, the away team receive word: the Arcturus has engaged the Kazon.

USS Sutherland

Constrained by the Omega Directive, Captain MacLeod briefs his first officer as best he can on the mission ahead, hoping to keep his crew in order even as he must keep them in the dark. But after butting heads with his Chief Engineer, MacLeod must worry if he can maintain cohesion through this assignment. Patrolling the region, the Sutherland receives a distress call from a Romulan civilian ship, and races to respond, only to stumble into a pocket of damaged subspace – and for the sensors to detect Omega. Against the protests of his first officer, MacLeod takes the readied equipment and a shuttle, and departs the ship to attempt to destroy the Omega himself.

Entering an asteroid belt, MacLeod locates a Romulan research facility. Investigating and finding all staff aboard dead, MacLeod confirms the existence of a containment chamber for Omega and proceeds to destroy the facility and seize all of its data. Once underway, examination of the data confirms the base had under the control of the Tal Shiar – but its further secrets remain encrypted.

Lead Expeditionary Group

Arriving at the USS Discovery, deep in the Delta Quadrant, fresh Academy graduate Ensign Emyo contemplates the paths that have led him to this point and the new opportunities, unaware of the danger gripping the region.

Starbase 86

Torn from tense negotiations with a Ferengi DaiMon, Captain Mek is astonished to learn of the detection of Omega within the Triangle. Rushing through his meeting with his Task Force XO, Captain Shilo, Mek attends a meeting of Klingon and Starfleet officials in the sector, where tensions run high as the Omega threat is discussed. In light of this intelligence, Task Force 86 deploys available ships to blockade the border to the Azure Nebula – and scour the region for the exact location of Omega.

USS Heracles

The Heracles arrives at the Hunter Sector in the Gamma Quadrant, where Captain Vax and Captain Roberts take a shuttle out to rendezvous with the civilian freighter Torgus to learn more of the current situation. With the assistance of the freighter’s skipper, Captain Fergouson, the Heracles is able to locate the Omega molecules and destroy them with the careful targeting of a gravimetric torpedo. Their mission completed, the return to the Alpha Quadrant is heralded with new transfers, promotions, and opportunities for the crew.

USS Endeavour

With the Omega in the Teros system destroyed, Captain Rourke is left to deal with the aftermath for his crew. While his superiors encourage him to resolve the insubordination of his senior staff without a messy, public court martial, the mutinous officers seem set to stand by their principles. But Endeavour’s hardships seem far from over, when the withdrawal of the relief operation on Teros IV causes an outbreak of violence from the betrayed refugees, and Chief Helm Officer Lieutenant Drake is killed. Ordered to withdraw from Teros, Rourke is forced to leave the refugees of Teros behind, and commit to facing the oncoming crisis without many of his once-trusted crew.

Roosevelt Station

Detection of Omega disrupted the everyday business of Commander Enigma aboard Roosevelt Station, who cannot help but reflect on the first she learned of the dreaded Directive. With the molecules located on the other side of the Breen border, Enigma concocts a false operation to justify deploying her Hazard Team – who are less than thrilled with the operation, or that the commanding officer herself will be accompanying them.

Under the guise of pirates, Enigma and her Hazard Team cross the border into Breen territory and infiltrate a Breen facility. Seeking out Omega alone, Enigma engages Breen forces to secure a containment chamber – and neutralises the molecules. With the Hazard Team successfully recovering the relics that were the falsified justification for their mission, Enigma returns to Roosevelt with new mysteries before her crew…

USS Devastator

The Devastator conducts the evacuation of the Federation colonists of Meronia IV, much to the chagrin of some of the settlers and even to the discontent of several of the crew. But all discontent has to be pushed aside quickly at the latest discovery: one colonist’s mysterious and severe case of subspace radiation poisoning.

USS Elysion

The Elysion arrives at the Eskon system, the location of the Omega, and Ransom has to navigate the tensions among his senior staff as he begins his investigations. Not one, but two pockets of Omega are found: one in orbit of Eskon IV, and the other beneath a small Turei colony on the surface. As Ransom contemplates evacuating the Turei, his XO Commander Chivras argues the ethical issues – and regulatory breaches – of forcibly displacing them. Ransom re-establishes order aboard and extracts an agreement from the Turei to evacuate, only to detect their communication to a nearby outpost. With an unidentified ship in the region refusing to keep its distance from Eskon IV and the Turei committed to evacuating at the end of a three hour countdown, escalating disagreements between captain and first officer finally come to a head as Ransom struggles with his own moral compass as he contemplates doing the unthinkable in order to complete his mission and destroy the Omega molecules…