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December 2015 Simulations of the Month

January 20, 2016

The Hall of Honours team is proud to congratulate the following simulations on being awarded the Simulation of the Month award for December 2015. The Simulation of the Month (of a Task Force) is awarded to a simulation for its contribution to the Task Force canon, activity, quality, number of players and others. All simulations in a Task Force are automatically considered for this award however nominations are sought from fellow CO’s. It is awarded by the Hall of Honour on behalf of the TFCO, so it is important that you get your nominations in each month. Can we all please congratulate these fine simulations in our community on being named December 2015 Simulations of the Month. Your awards will shortly be confirmed to you all on the Bravo Fleet Wiki and we will look into doing some nice banners to allow you to show off your award.

Task Force 9 Simulation of the Month – No Nomination

Task Force 38 Simulation of the Month – USS Victory
This is well deserved as the sim has a number of players who has come to us with ideas as well as trying to help us get the Canon going. This sim deserves this because they are good at communicating with me and are wanting to help with the Canon

Task Force 72 Simulation of the Month – Deep Space 12
I am nominating Deep Space 12 for this award, I have really seen a big improvement in the simulation across a month when simulations are shutting down or slowing down for the holidays, I have seen Deep Space 12 keep on improving and they are really taking a big step in the lead of the Order of 12 storyline within Task Force 72 and I want to acknowledge that in some way to the whole crew of Deep Space 12

Task Force 93 Simulation of the Month – Deep Space 14, Themis Group
Deep Space 14 was nominated by one of the Task Force’s COs, and I agree wholeheartedly. This month, Deep Space 14 was both the most active simm in the Task Force, and it doubled the number of posts it made in the past two months – put together!

Task Force 99 Simulation of the Month – USS Carpathia, Alternate Division
TF99’s Sim of the Month award goes to the USS Carpathia for actively posting, having a well developed storyline, and for having a successful reboot of their fantastic story.