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Communications Office Updates

October 11, 2021

Slowly but surely, Rear Admiral Robert Dowd made his way towards the holo-briefing room. Not much to talk about at today’s briefing, aside from continued questions surrounding the recent Omega… issue. The press can never let something mysterious go, one just has to wait them out until they forget or something new comes along. While reviewing the recent Task Force reports, there were some promotions that would be released in the after-brief report, but one staff announcement he wanted to make up front  – one that would make his life a little easier.

Throughout the fleet, he had sought out applications for staff positions and he was finally ready to pull the trigger on one. Lieutenant Junior Grade T.J. Rivers had exceeded his listed qualifications and was ready to take the plunge into the lions den. For that, Bob was grateful to have a companion as he went into battle week after week.

Taking a last drag on his coffee, he handed it off to his aide before allowing the doors to the briefing room to open. Lieutenant Rivers was already there waiting, ready to get to work.


I’m pleased to announce that the Communications Office is growing! Our Social Media platforms continue to grow with nearly 1,050 followers on Facebook, and a small – but growing – 163 followers on Twitter! In order to feed our followers with content straight from the keyboard you all use to write your stories, as well as to share fun Trek-related news, and of course memes, I’m happy to announce that Lt. JG T.J. Rivers aka Skîppŷ on discord has agreed to join the Comms Staff as a Staff Assistant for Social Media.

Skîppŷ will be gathering content from our fictions, RPGs, and general Fleet News to post to the masses. This will in turn keep our followers tuned into what’s going on here, and hopefully also contribute to turning followers into members!

Congratulations to Skîppŷ and please feel free to pitch him your stories!