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Command Halt

November 23, 2017

From Command
Area of Operations Task Force 93
Commandant Vice Admiral Anin

Good day,

Due towards logistics problems and consultation with Starfleet Command, Task Force 93 will not be launching new commands in its current structure. The reason towards this choice is made out of limitation in resources, low numbers in personnel and operational structure that is required reorganization by Bravo Fleet on request of Starfleet. We are currently in conversation with the Romulan Empire to create a trade agreement in regards towards our resource problems. Task Force 93 Command is working with Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy to boost the recruitment and get new personnel towards Beta Quadrant.

How long the halt on new command will take is as of now still unknown. When this changes, Task Force 93 Command will announce it as soon as possible! For now, all proposals that are sent towards Task Force 93 Command will be adviced and redirected towards Task Force 9, 38, 72 and 99. If the command candidate wishes to join Task Force 93, Vice Admiral Anin will keep a list and contact the candidate personally at the moment that the command halt is lifted.

Thank you all for your time, got a question? Please contact Vice Admiral Anin in Bravo Fleet Communications.