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Command Authority Update

August 19, 2017

To: All Federation personnel, starships, planetary outposts, space stations and civilian traffic within the Alpha Quadrant.
From: Vice Admiral S’iraa (Commanding Officer, USS Dreadnought, Task Force 72)
RE: Important Updates!!!

For some time Starfleet has engaged in negotiated trade with the inhabitants of the Jetrada System. With the aid of Starfleet the planet’s population has grown swiftly and as a result so too as its industrial output. Jetrada III has a unique mineral that enhances the materials used for Ablative Armour, Hull Plating and starship space frames. A mineral that has been of some interest to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers who want to further investigate applications for the mineral.

Unfortunately, much of the planets mining industry has ground to a halt and riots have broken out between miners and law enforcement over safety conditions, working hours and the condition of equipment. The trade of this mineral has greatly boosted trade income for the planet and the planetary leader, Prime minister La’ow has requested Starfleet dispatch a ship to conduct an independent review due to the lack of trust on all sides towards the remaining reviewing bodies conducting a fair and just investigation. It should be noted that in the past 3 months there have been 4 mine shaft collapses resulting in the deaths of 61 miners, miners blame the Ministry of Mining for trying to make money at the risk of lives but the Ministry claim that miners have been falling short of monthly targets resulting in added pressure.

Also, as a side effect of this fighting has broken out in many major residential areas and key facilities such as the largest Hospital, smaller medical facilities, several transportation hubs as well as the Spaceport used for exporting the mineral and almost 41% of the planets exports. Our aid has been requested to help secure these areas. The Hospital and medical centres are filled with valuable supplies, supplies that are needed to treat the population but would also fetch a handsome sum on the planets growing Black Market. While Starfleet does not get involved in the internal affairs of a planet due the humanitarian nature of the request Starfleet has agreed to assist.

I advise caution, intelligence reports indicate that violence has the capability to intensify significantly and there are disturbing reports that hostile parties have biological contaminants which could be introduced to food stuffs, water supplies in liquid form or even population centres in a gaseous form.

In other news, tensions between the Cardassian Union and Breen Confederacy have sharply risen over recent weeks.

Reports suggest that armed border incursions on both sides have already caused severe damage to military assets, infrastructure and loss of life. While both sides have not openly declared war many top level officials believe that this recent escalation has resulted from the boiling tensions left over from the Dominion War where the Cardassian Union had to surrender space and systems to the Breen war machine.

It is believed that the Breen have refused to yield these areas back to the Cardassian Union and that these recent attacks a merely the start of potentially something more devastating.

All vessels are advised to avoid any sighted Breen and Cardassian vessels and to report all sightings or sensor readings that might help ensure the safety of Federation citizens. To boost stability and ensure that the conflict does not spill into Federation space I have dispatched Task Force starships to the area and put space stations and planetary outposts on alert. Starfleet is not prepared at this time to be drawn into another war but all measures will be taken to safe guard Federation space, assets and citizens.

I will send additional dispatches with further updates of the growing situation as it develops.


Vice Admiral S’iraa
Commanding Officer, USS Dreadnought, Task Force 72