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Coming at you: Task Force 72’s April Competitions

April 19, 2021

I bet you didn’t expect to see a round of competitions, following rounds by Task Force 93 and Task Force 17? Who could determine a pattern from that?! Unexpected as it is, I’m pleased to announce three competitions for this week hosted by Task Force 72. This time around, we’re previewing the revisions to Task Force 72’s oeuvre, which will be presented more fully in our monthly report which will cap off these competitions.

Task Force 72 Reimagined Word Search

Can you help us find aspects of our revitalization, so that we may help Starfleet establish better relations with cultures across the galaxy!?!

Task Force 72 Reimagined Puzzle

Oh no! Someone has torn apart an image of the handshake that started it all! Can you fix it?

Task Force  72 Gallery of Heroes

Based out of Starbase 72 on the Cardassian Border, Task Force 72’s history has been shaped by the Dominion War. For officers newly inducted into the task force, it’s required reading to be familiar with the most important faces of the war, especially the crew and residents of Deep Space Nine. Can you match their  faces by memory with speed and accuracy?

These competitions will run from April 18th, 2021 to April 24th, 2021, so get your entries in while you can!