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Class is in Session

February 7, 2024

As I enter my sophomore year as part of the Bravo Fleet Academy, I can hardly believe it’s been more than a year since I joined the team and more than six months since I stepped into the role of Academy Commandant. It’s been a privilege to work with brand new cadets and senior officers alike as they deepen their learning about character creation, command management, fiction writing and plot development (with more topics to come this year). I’ve also had huge fun in planning the celebrations for Starbase Bravo’s second birthday.

As I’ve said before, learning is the currency of the twenty-fifth century. At Bravo Fleet Academy, we strive to equip our cadets to hone their skills while our academy staff are also working to better ourselves as mentors, educators and guides.

It’s time to open up a new wing of the campus because the academy team is expanding! I’m pleased to welcome Captain Gar’rath and Lieutenant Commander Callen Varro as Academy Staff Assistants! Gar’rath will be shepherding Starbase Bravo through mission planning, member engagement and further innovations like our competition spree. Varro will be stepping into academy instruction as well as the design of future courses.

Gar’rath, also known as Mark or as LordCurmudgeon on Discord, has been a member of Bravo Fleet for just over 15 years. He currently writes for his primary command, the USS Century, as well as taking part in the Avalon Fleet Yards writing sandbox. He is joining Starbase Bravo in the hopes of making it an enjoyable experience for both new writers and those already aboard.

Varro has this message to share:

Hey there! I’m Callen Varro, but you might recognize me more readily as Hurkxion. After a 20-year break, I made my way back to the dynamic world of collaborative Trek writing and was truly amazed by its evolution. Immersing myself in all that Bravo Fleet offers quickly led me to discover the Academy, which fully captured my interest. It’s an outstanding way to familiarize or refamiliarize oneself with the system and to develop as a writer. Now, as a staff member for Task Force 17 and as a Staff Assistant to the Bravo Fleet Academy, I’m excited about the opportunity to contribute even more to this exceptional community. Excelsior!

Please join me in welcoming Mark and Hurkxion to the Academy!