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Changes in the Delta Quadrant

November 24, 2016

We’ve seen a sea of change in the Delta Quadrant, with death, destruction and a new discovery. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this, but that is the unfortunate reality in the area of the Delta Quadrant the Federation currently operate in.

Task Force 38 is the Fourth Fleet’s task force in the Delta Quadrant as part of the Delta Quadrant Initiative. With its focus area of operations being the Round Table (Sector 22 Delta), its main goal is first contact, exploration and providing diplomatic support.

Tragically, a surprise and ruthless Borg attack on Starbase 900 meant the orbital facility was destroyed with a massive loss of life. To further add to the Federation’s problems in the area, Rear Admiral Diego Macedo ordered Captain Peter Gardner of the USS Excelsior to destroy the Solaria Gateway and cut the Task Force off from the Beta Quadrant, although on the up side it prevents the Borg from easily reaching Federation space.

To further boost Task Force 38’s chances of survival against the Borg, Rear Admiral Macedo decided to step down as Task Force Commanding Officer and is now in a new role as a diplomat, hoping to forge alliances to combat a common enemy. In his place, Lieutenant General Jagged Anderson takes over as TFCO, with his former role being the Marine Expeditionary Brigade Commanding Officer. He is now in charge of protecting the survivors of the Borg attack and using that as a platform to rebuild the Federation’s personnel and infrastructure. Rear Admiral Solek remains as the Task Force Executive Officer.

To remember those who were tragically lost in the destruction of Starbase 900 and other conflicts with the Borg in the Delta Quadrant, a memorial named Hestia’s Hearth has been created in the same place as Starbase 900.

Now Lieutenant General Anderson faces a tough task, rebuild the Federation’s forces in the Delta Quadrant whilst attempting to make new allies. Despite what people think, the Borg aren’t the only threat the remaining forces in the area face, with the Vaadwaur also posing a serious threat, could they be the next ones to strike? Time will tell, but one thing I can tell is that despite everything, the determination to rebuild and carry on is stronger than ever.