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Changes in TF99’s Command Staff

February 15, 2017

After going through a few nominations and talking with some of them, I’m happy to announce that Steve aka Solaris is taking over as TF99’s new TFXO! Many of you know Steve, he’s been around BF nearly as long as I have. His experience is vast, he’s been a TFCO and BFCO in his career. His knowledge and perspective on things will be a great assist to the Task Force and all of the COs. He’s brought his sim the USS Dreadnought to TF99’s Ares Group.

It’s also a pleasure to announce TF99’s Alternative Division has a new Command Adjutant. Most of you know Josh aka jhina as the CO of the DFS Lavie in 99’s Alt group. He’s also a long time simmer with a lot of experience. He’ll also be a great assist to TF99!

With two new sims joining TF99 over the last few weeks and now two new members of the TF’s Command Staff, things are looking bright for 99!

Congratulations to you both!