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Change of Command – Task Force 86

April 20, 2021

Due to his current work situation, Dave has decided to step back from his role as Task Force 86 Commanding Officer. Dave has been a long-serving task force staffer, starting first as Task Force Chief of Staff and then Task Force Executive Officer in Task Force 9, and then graciously agreeing to take over Task Force 86 in October of last year. In that time, he’s stewarded the task force well, and we thank him for his work. We hope that in the future, he’ll be able to return to a staff role when he has more time.

To replace Dave, I am pleased to announce that Vince has appointed Woozamagoo as Task Force 86 Commanding Officer. While he hasn’t held the Task Force Executive Officer position for very long, Woozamagoo has demonstrated great skill in both activity reporting, encouraging his unit, and participating in the lore-based side of our club, so we thought it was a natural fit and a natural progression. Look forward to hearing more about his vision for the unit in an upcoming TF86 report.

Congratulations, Woozamagoo!