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Canon Team Recruitment

October 24, 2020

Good morning Bravo Fleet!

I haven’t had much to show you yet from the Lore Office, but that’ll change soon, I promise. There’s lots going on behind the scenes, and it’s been made significantly easier by the newest member of the Lore Office: McGig, our new Wiki Administrator. He’s already been invaluable as we get to work, and I look forward to all our future projects.

But wait! There’s more! Specifically, there is a lot of content development the Lore Office still needs to do for the wiki. Most significantly, there are a lot of government powers that need coherent, useful articles updated to 2399. Beyond that, individual regions, like the old Romulan Neutral Zone or the Triangle, would benefit from development. And many more things – some of them big, some of them small, some of them I’ve not thought of. So the Canon Team needs writers.

Writing for the Canon Team isn’t just about good ideas. We want Bravo Fleet canon to be accessible to new people, but we also assume members have at least a basic familiarity with Trek. If a member goes to our wiki page on Klingons, they don’t need excruciating detail on what a Klingon is, they’ve seen Trek episodes – they need to know what the Empire is like in 2399, and what that means for their characters, games, and fictions. I love our article on the Breen, for instance (not my work!) – it absolutely expands on Trek canon with some cool ideas, but primarily it’s a writing guide for the members. And I need more of these.

And I’m not just looking for permanent team members. If you think you could contribute with even just one or two articles, or think you could dedicate some time over the next few weeks, then please also apply. If you already have a job in the Fleet but think you could chip in with an article, please apply or get in touch; don’t hold back because you already have a position (if you have the time to spare!). This is a big project, but then it’ll be done, and everyone who contributes will be thanked and recognised.

If you sign up, you will be writing to a brief. There’s a format, there are expectations I set. There’ll be feedback and you may have to do revisions. Your work might not fit. But you’ll also be part of a team who will help, with whom you can bounce around ideas; this will be a collaborative effort. I’m also sure plenty of you have passions for things about Trek canon that I don’t, and will bring perspectives I don’t have.

So if you’re interested, please apply here. Or feel free to ask questions or discuss the work with me on Discord at justslide#9285.