Bravo Fleet Instagram

May 7, 2023

We here in the Comms Office don’t always have big shiny announcements to make, but this definitely calls for one! After some thoughtful questions about whether or not the Fleet has an Instagram, some discerning on whether or not it should, and some encouragement from our newest staff member – I’m happy to announce the launch of Bravo Fleet’s very own Instagram account!

We’ll be posting as much as we can with relevant Fleet-related posts as well as general Star Trek related posts. Shepherding this new venture is the Comms Office’s newest staff member – I’m happy to announce that KhanEzard aka Reva Sarrik is taking on the role of Staff Assistant: Social Media! Join me in offering hearty congratulations!

She will be contacting folks throughout the fleet to think about allowing us to post some snippets or content from and about all the stories going on around the fleet!

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