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Bravo Fleet Communications and You

May 25, 2020

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to the plate and gotten behind our new model. As so many have already said, activity has been great and we’re so happy that everyone seems to be enjoying the competitions and new avenues for creativity throughout the fleet!

Along with our re-launch on April 25th, the Communications Office launched several ad campaigns targeted not only driving fellow Trek fans to our website to join our community, but also to like our facebook page, which has reached just un 950 likes – a fantastic achievement! We also launched ads on Reddit and posted in several facebook groups. All in all, we have welcomed new members and warmly welcomed back our returning family!

Today, I’m pleased to announce two new additions to the Communications Office staff:

  • Shelley aka Leah Katana, the Commanding Officer of Hawkeye Island as our Command Adjutant
  • Drew aka Finchley Kerr, the Executive Officer of the USS Dumbarton as our Recruitment Coordinator

Both of these members bring some welcome assistance to the team, experience, and most importantly commitment to growing and stewarding our community.

As Command Adjutant, Leah will be assisting me in the running the department and will begin to focus on increasing our presence on the fleet’s social media platforms, at the moment Facebook and Twitter. She will be posting information about our stories, our competitions, and our gaming accomplishments! Additionally, she will be canvassing the fleet to gather great posts and content from our games to promote on our social platforms.

As Recruitment Coordinator, Finchley will be assisting with recruiting new members to our community through social media, Reddit, discord servers, list servs, etc. His primary concern will be recruiting for the Fleet as a whole, however, he is available to help our COs/GMs with recruitment for their own games. Feel free to reach out to the team through the #help channel or @comms team on discord.

Congratulations to you both, and please reach out to the @comms team anytime!