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Applications Open: Task Force 93 Commanding Officer

December 18, 2021

I’m here again to announce another change in task force leadership. As of a short while ago, Leah has tendered her resignation as Task Force 93 Commanding Officer. As our longest-serving TFCO (with just over a year and change in that role), a rest from staff work is well deserved. We thank her for her dedication to Bravo Fleet! For the time being, I will be serving as interim TF93CO, until a new one is appointed sometime in January.

To select the next TFCO, we are opening up an application, which you can access here. You do not need to be a current member of staff or a member of Task Force 93 to apply, but a successful applicant will have reached the rank of at least Lieutenant Commander. The position description is included there, but it’s worth restating here, as it has shifted significantly over the last 2.5 years. The focus is now very strongly on serving as an example and mentor to other members, which does include nominating medals and ribbons, but more importantly is about being an active member yourself and helping others navigate the fleet’s many systems. If you want to help your fellow members and have more of a say in how the fleet is run, I’d encourage you to apply!

I’d also strongly encourage anyone with questions to reach out directly to me on Discord. We’ll leave this application open until January 8th, to give you time to think about it over the holiday season, and will make further announcements regarding Task Force 93 in due course.