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A Change in the Bravo Fleet Command Council

April 29, 2017

Real life constraints are an ever-present specter that get the better of us all from time to time. I am afraid that, on account of such constraints, Tom (Admiral Anatole Lazarus) has decided to step down from the Bravo Fleet Command Council and the Bravo Fleet Admiralty. I would like to thank Tom for his long service for the Fleet, including his recent return from retirement to help us pilot our new governance model. His influence can be felt across the Fleet from the work groups and other methods of community empowerment to much needed improvements in our rules and procedures.

In Tom’s place, the Admiralty has appointed greenfelt22 (Vice Admiral Zachary O’Connell) to the Command Council. Over the years, greenfelt22 has served many different roles across the Fleet, most recently pioneering the new Logistics Office. During his time in service to the Fleet, he has organized a wide range of initiatives, worked tirelessly and effectively to support the Fleet’s services, and provided a strong yet moderating voice in discussions. We are all excited, in times moving forward, to have greenfelt22 serving the Fleet in this new capacity.

While on the Bravo Fleet Command Council, greenfelt22 will also retain his duties as Logistics Officer.