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Fleet Week


Bravo Fleet is celebrating everything that makes this fleet great with Fleet Week 2019. We have been here for over 20 years and we hope to be around even longer but without you, we wouldn’t be here at all. We have some amazing celebration events coming along this week that are open to everyone, so tell your crews about this and come and celebrate with us.

Multiple events will be happening all week, from a live sim (hosted on the Fleet Discord) based on Starbase Bravo, regular live feedback sessions with members of the BFA, a look behind the scenes at the makers and shakers of the fleet, a writing contest with ACTUAL REAL LIFE prizes, and a donation drive to fund fleet resources for the remainder of the calendar year.


This schedule is subject to change without notice. For our most up-to-date schedule, please see our #schedule channel on Discord.


Bravo Fleet is celebrating the amazing work that so many of the fleet undertake, so much that they have decided to turn Starbase Bravo (SB-4) into a big, giant, party venue and have invited every single member and even former members of the fleet to celebrate the fleet and its successes over the last 20 years. Join us on Discord in the channel #starbase-bravo to participate.


  1. All characters are welcome to join in, at any time.
  2. Please keep language to 13+ levels. While we know that many sims in the fleet are higher than this, to ensure that everyone can participate and be involved as much as possible, we do need to have the live sim at this level. This means no graphic or offensive language.
  3. Please follow any instructions given to you by a member of the BFA/BFCC.
  4. Limit OOC discussions/comments to the #bravofleet channel.
  5. Do not recruit other players to your sim(s) within the live sim. Recruitment is limited to the “Open Positions” category of channels.


Each member of the BFA will be releasing a Q&A session on FNS. You can check out each of the interviews below (links will be made available after the session is posted):


Join the BFA on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for community feedback sessions. During these times, we will be leading a Q&A session with the entire community to seek feedback on a multitude of pre-determined topics, as well as an opportunity to ask whatever you like. We will also have a few feedback polls occurring throughout the week. Please keep an eye on Discord for exciting questions and answers. And trivia! Join our live trivia sessions for a chance to win something great!


Come be a part of our Fleet Week 2019 Writing Contest where you can win a real-life prize!


  1. First Place: One year (12 months) free subscription to BF Premium Hosting through AioCorp Hosting! ($12/year value), and One Tier 1 Humble Bundle Steam Key
  2. Second Place: One Tier 2 and One Tier 3 Humble Bundle Steam Keys
  3. Third Place: Two Tier 3 Humble Bundle Steam Keys


  1. You must be a member of Bravo Fleet in order to win.
  2. The entry must contain at least 500 words.
  3. The entry must utilize a primary character of yours from around the fleet.
  4. The entry must contain an additional alien that is not a founding member of the Federation (i.e. Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, Denobulan).
  5. The entry must utilize one of the following topics:
    1. Have a maintenance malfunction in your quarters and have to live with the grumpy alien security officer for two weeks.
    2. Go outside the vessel in an EVA suit to repair a damaged sensor pallette.
    3. All junior officers eventually have to be the Officer Of the Day, or OOD. Stalk around the ship after hours and try and catch crew members sleeping on watch.
    4. Have a computer glitch in the watch list and have your character assigned to a different department.
    5. Experience an accident while on duty.
  6. Submissions are due Thursday, March 21, 2019. Please email them to
  7. Winners shall be determined by the BFA by Friday, March 29, 2019.

Why are we seeking donations? Bravo Fleet’s annual expenses total $753.54, all of which are funded by two former members of the BFA. While we are grateful for their contributions, they simply can no longer continue footing the bill. We also want to emphasise that we won’t be ‘Closing the Fleet’ if we don’t receive any donations. This is just something to relieve the burden of costs upon those who pay for the Fleet services to run.

We are asking everyone who can to donate something to help offset these costs. Per By-Law #4.2, each and every transaction we use with the funds we collect will be made public via our ledger so that you can see what we are doing with these funds.

Those who are able to support us financially during this week will get this special ribbon for their player profile:

To donate, or to learn more about the process, check out this link here.