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Badly Reported Timelines


It’s time for the annual review of cases by the Department of Temporal Investigations, unfortunately the last intern in the office manged to override the files with their own summaries! Worse still, they updated them across the timeline! The agents of DTI have been scratching their heads about what cases these terrible summaries might be referring to. Agent Daniels has quietly appeared in your office asking for help, perhaps you can understand the intern’s summaries?


  • Submissions should be a screenshot, clearly showing the number of correct answers and any time remaning.
  • Participants shouldn’t change any settings including the timer. The timer is already set at 5 minutes and will start once you click 'Begin quiz'.
  • Winners will be determined firstly through the quiz score, then any remaining time as tracked by the quiz. This will be as listed in the screenshot.
  • Ties will be broken by the time taken between competition start and submission, as tracked by BFMS.

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User ID Date Entry
Reva Sarrik 2185 2024-02-01 20:58:06
Jeremy L. Ryan 2796 2024-01-29 17:28:39
Tavek 2622 2024-01-28 23:47:10
Ryoko Takato 2545 2024-01-28 06:56:36
Iskander al-Kwaritzmi 569 2024-01-27 20:16:24
Edward O'Gallagher 2688 2024-01-27 04:24:42

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