STO 14th Anniversary Event


Star Trek Online is celebrating its 14th year of operation with an event. It has been a wild ride of 14 years, and while we do not fully know what the future is of this game, we do know that for the present we have an exciting Anniversary Event to play.

And what an event! The return of Nicole de Boer to Star Trek, Garrett Wang reprising his role, and the Borg King’s multi-versal threat is finally fully realized. To find out, you are going to have to play through the episode, see a Dax, hear Captain Kim not be a perpetual Ensign… and of course, shoot some Borg. It is a threat to the galaxy, much like the Borg of our universe are.

Of course, even the most serious Star Trek Online episode always has some form of reference to one of the series, or an in-joke that we only understand. For example, in the Klingon Civil War’s final episode, Martok told the story of how he was reprimanded by Nog in a turbolift, showing a positive memory of the character played by the recently deceased Aron Eisenberg. Or, in the previous episode, some of the door labels were references to Captain Kim’s past. This is why we are going to start with: this is a ribbon race with a little bit of sleuthing thrown in. You get points for participating in the event, but your entry is to find one of these moments in this new mission.


  • This competition will be scored on a points system. The one member with the most points, wins.
  • Each submission into this competition must include a screenshot of something from the mission that has some form of Trek reference from one of the series or a joke like a door label or a throwaway line from a background event in the new episode "Scorpion's Abyss". This screenshot will count as one (1) point and will be your entry into this competition.
  • There will be additional five points awarded for submitting to this competition at the same time as the above a screenshot of your Mission Journal showing completion of the 14th Anniversary Event. Don't forget to also submit this screenshot to a Gaming Submission for a Campaign Ribbon! This is optional, but highly recommended.
  • Additionally, one point will be counted for each Action Ribbon awarded for completion of any Task Force Operation dealing with the Borg, or any part of Kings and Queens. No need to submit any proof of Action Ribbons to this competition, this will be handled by the Security Office.
  • Any tie-breaking will come down to the screenshot of the reference or joke, with the best one being of how deep of a reference it is or how good the joke is. This tie-breaking will be determined by the Security Office and may consult some people with access to staff areas on Discord.


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