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TF47: Sensor Scramble (USS Sojourner)


The USS Sojourner is one of the latest and most advanced starships in the Fleet. Under the command of Kirin Tarken, the Sojourner serves in the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 47, exploring the Thomar Expanse beyond the Badlands. The sensors of Deep Space 47 have recorded this image of the Sojourner, but it has been disassembled and scrambled – hope you puzzle lovers enjoy!

Image Credit: Pundus


  • A clear screenshot of the "time" it took to complete the 200-piece jigsaw puzzle. The completed puzzle must also be visible with the time.
  • Do not alter the puzzle's original 200-piece settings or shape.
  • Entries will be graded by time taken to complete. Fastest time wins.
  • Ties will be broken by time taken between competition start and entry submission, as tracked by BFMS.

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User ID Date Entry
Reva Sarrik 2185 2024-02-10 21:52:20
Jeremy L. Ryan 2796 2024-02-06 21:46:37
Elena Mitchell 2266 2024-02-06 19:31:00
Jason Devron 2554 2024-02-06 17:24:45
Imya Jori 10 2024-02-06 01:48:46
Orila Karai 2263 2024-02-04 10:36:53
Tavek 2622 2024-02-03 03:40:06

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