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January 2024 Action Ribbon Race


It is a new year, with a new set of challenges to face. Why not have some fun with one of the challenges, playing games with your fellow Bravo Fleet members?

In this particular competition, it is not equal footing that we find everything weighted to. You will find this skewed to the games we did not play as often in 2023, because maybe, just maybe, one of you will pick up a new game and play it. Maybe we will see the rise of a new game? Maybe someone will organize a Star Trek Infinite game night within their task forces? Maybe we will see rounds of Uno or Poker or Fizzbin played?

The choices are endless. We just ask that you play together.


  • All ribbons earned during the competition will be automatically tallied at the end. There is no need to individually submit to this competition.
  • Submit any number of Joint Action Ribbons or Combat Action Ribbons for this race.
  • Action Ribbons awarded from playing Star Trek Online nets you one point per Action Ribbon.
  • Action Ribbons awarded from playing Star Trek Infinite nets you two points per Action Ribbon.
  • Action Ribbons awarded from playing World of Warships or games not found on the Supported Games policy on the Wiki nets you 1.5 points per Action Ribbon.
  • Entries will place by the number of points earned while the competition is active. The person with the most points at the end of the competition, wins!
  • Any tie breakers will be broken by who achieved their total points with Action Ribbons first.


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