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The Glorious Trident


The Trident is the most noticeable part of TF86 and is a symbol of a sea god in mythical stories. So it seems fitting that it is an object that is not only in popular TV shows, but books as well as video games.

The point of this challenge is to use whatever you have available to create your own twist on the three pointed weapon. You can use a drawing, paint, GIMP, Photoshop, or if your savvy enough a Computer Aided Design (CAD) is even acceptable. The point of this is to see how creative you can be in creating your Trident.

You have the liberty to experiment in anyway you want as long as the Trident is made in the iconic three pointed spear. If the shape of a Trident is not visible the submission cannot be considered a Trident and will not be judged


  • An image is required for judging. If the image is made in CAD make sure the image shows the aspects of the Trident.
  • Do not use photos of Tridents that have already been created.
  • The Trident must resemble the traditional look of the Trident in mythical stories.
  • The use of any AI tools is prohibited through BF policy.


User ID Date Entry
Edward O'Gallagher 2688 2024-01-15 21:38:40
Walter Jones 1659 2024-01-13 01:59:04

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