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Comment Challenge


We here at Bravo Fleet write just for the fun of it (or because we worry what we’d get up to without a creative outlet), but Comments sure are a sweet bonus. They’re good for the people leaving them as well: reading and reviewing the work of other members is a great way to generate inspiration!

So do yourself and your fellow writers a favor and leave as many Comments as possible during the competition period! You can comment on any story, mission, or event, new or old. Just make sure that the Comments follow the guidelines of the Intel Office, specifically the Competition-Standard detailed at the bottom of the linked page.


  • Submissions must consist of links to the BFMS Stories in which you have Commented, and include a total count.
  • All submitted Comments must have been posted during the competition period.
  • You can Comment on any story 1) that you have not already left a Comment on, and 2) whose author (if there is only one) is not currently in the Reserves.
  • Only one Comment per Story will be counted. If you have left multiple Comments, make it clear which is being submitted.
  • The Comment must be Competition-Standard, as per the Intel Office Guide; this will be determined by the organizer and substandard Comments will be disqualified from the count.
  • Ties will be broken by order of competition submission.


User ID Date Entry
Callen Varro 2063 2023-09-29 08:15:30

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