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Getting Down II It


In World of Warships,  all the glitz and the glamor comes at the high tiers. Big ships with flashy guns may look all great and stuff, but there is also fun to be had down at the lower tiers. Yeah, those old girls may be slow, pondering, and lacking fancy things like turrets and long range torpedos, but they’re still an important part of the game! So test your meddle and “club some seals” at Tier II

(Note: Please don’t harm any seals in this competition. I’ll be sad.)


  • Play some Tier II World of Warships on PC. Only submissions on Tier II Cruisers and Destroyers are permitted for this event (sorry, no Mikasa!).
  • Please submit a screenshot of the first tab of the post battle screen (the Victory/Defeat screen) with your damage and ribbons clearly visible.
  • The event will be judged based on total damage done in a match with a Tier II ship. Ties will be broken by the FEWEST shell/torpedo hit ribbons earned and then by time of submission.


User ID Date Entry
Cynndle Oin'sun 2457 2023-08-01 15:09:24

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