Federation Ambassadors!


With the arrival of several new Federation Ambassadors to Starbase Bravo, you decide to catch up on some history of past and present ambassadors. How many names do you recognize?

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  • Competition submissions must include a screenshot clearly showing the completed puzzle and time taken to complete.
  • Winners will be decided by the quickest time to complete the puzzle.
  • In the event of a draw, the winning submissions will be based on earliest submission time.


User ID Date Entry
Aryanna Rigras 2486 2023-03-17 20:52:08
Reva Sarrik 2185 2023-03-17 01:40:39
Tia Dalia Savik 2220 2023-03-15 18:36:17
Aris Suin 2583 2023-03-15 05:46:41
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2023-03-14 08:03:00

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