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Decryption Expertise


Getting back to your quarters after a long shift, you discover you received a letter from one of your friends on board the USS Pioneer. After opening it and reading the message, you also discover he included an image of a new system they are exploring. However, the image was scrambled slightly during its transmission. Can you put it back together?

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  • Participants should submit a screenshot of their completed puzzle with the time taken clearly visible.
  • The entries will be judged on the time taken to complete. Ties will be broken based on the order of submission.
  • The puzzle must be completed with 210 pieces and can not be adjusted.


User ID Date Entry
Aris Suin 2583 2023-03-18 05:40:14
Tia Dalia Savik 2220 2023-03-15 18:37:11
Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik 2121 2023-03-14 07:27:17

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