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LCARS – Gamma Quadrant


Oh look who is back for more, well you did good the last few rounds, but these puzzles only get more difficult as it progresses. So are you really ready for the next one? Alright, the next one is LCARS – Gamma Quadrant. Hope it is not too difficult.


  • Participants should submit a screenshot of their completed word search with the time taken clearly visible.
  • The entries will be judged on the time taken to complete. Ties will be broken based on the order of submission.


User ID Date Entry
Andreus Kohl 2374 2023-02-15 21:53:20
Tavek 2622 2023-02-12 21:19:36
Th'lora Vehl 2240 2023-02-12 18:52:53
Aryanna Rigras 2486 2023-02-11 18:27:21
Reva Sarrik 2185 2023-02-11 10:53:30
Keziah Nazir 18 2023-02-11 10:07:57

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